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Romans – The Gospel, The Law, Righteousness and The Glory of God


Rome A.D. 56 was the seat of one of the greatest empires the world has ever known. Its mighty emperors ruled in lavish dominion over the cosmopolitan center of one million inhabitants. Roman law and Roman forms of worship ruled supreme, demanding that attention and respect in the hearts of its men and women. Within this environment, a tiny sect known as Christians flourished.

To these believers, Paul wrote the longest of his New Testament letters, introducing himself in advance of his upcoming visit. The book of Romans presents a beautifully detailed doctrinal statement of Christianity.

Paul presents the need for all people to realize where they stand with God–a standard which falls short of God’s design and plan for their lives. However, by an act of God’s grace and faith they are restored to their rightful relationship with God. Because of the confidence of forgiveness, all believers can present their talents, gifts, and abilities–whatever they are–as an act of worship to God.

Paul encourages his readers to realize that God is always in control. He also comforts them with the knowledge that nothing can separate them from the love of God. This was especially appropriate for the Roman church, for they were to face much persecution from both their Roman overlords and the Jews who lived in Rome and yet, nothing could separate them from the love of God. The church in Rome grew to be a great center of faith.

Paul gave great words of faith which are as alive and vital today as they were to the first Christians who read them nearly two thousand years ago. The knowledge of God’s grace and forgiveness frees us not only from sin, but from anxiety, guilt, depression, and a negative self-image. The stresses of life flow out and salvation flows in.

The book of Romans is the most important letter that you will ever read. It is Paul’s masterpiece, the clearest and fullest explanation of the gospel in the Bible. Enjoy your studies as you read what Paul has to say about this life and our future with Christ.

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