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Romans – Lesson 5: Being Right with God

Scripture Reading: Romans 3:21-31


Having proclaimed us to be condemned and guilty and worthy of the wrath of God, what comes next in Romans 3 is amazing in its revelation and hope. We see the true righteousness of God and His nature as a loving and caring God. These verses change our outlook from death to life, from bondage to freedom, from condemned to pardoned. These verses are some of the most important verses in the entire Bible and we must spend some time analyzing what they mean for us now and our future. We must understand fully the nature of God and why He does what He does. Being right with God is what being a Christian is all about.

Lesson Questions:

  1. From Romans 3:21-22, how is the righteousness of God revealed? To whom is the provision of righteousness given? From what does it come?
  2. How is the righteousness from God (Romans 3:22-24) different from righteousness by law (Romans 2:5-13)? How can anyone be justified from sin?
  3. What does it mean to have faith in Jesus Christ? Romans 3:22.
  4. Romans 3:24-25 refers to being justified by His grace. What does this mean to us and how does it apply to our relationship to Jesus Christ?
  5. What is the payment (propitiation) for our sins? Romans 3:25.
  6. Redemption is a term applied to slavery which means to buy someone out of slavery. Romans 3:24. From what slavery has Christ delivered us?
  7. People oftentimes struggle over how God can be both just and gracious at the same time. How do the justice and grace of God meet at the cross? Romans 3:25-26.
  8. Can we ever justify boasting about ourselves for our redemption in Christ? Romans 3:27-31. How does boasting betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the gospel?
  9. Are there times in your lives that you feel unacceptable to God? Give some examples.
  10. If being right with God comes by faith and not by works, what should be done with God’s law? Do we truly grasp what Jesus Christ has done for each of us? Let us thank Him today. Romans 3:31.