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Romans – Lesson 4: The Final Verdict

Scripture Reading: Romans 3:1-20


What do you believe would be the final verdict on our lives if we were left to determine where we stood? If it was based solely upon your quality of life and the level of obedience to God, how do you think that you would fare? In Romans 3:1-20 Paul talks about the advantage that the Jews had over other peoples, and yet how they all fell short. We have all sinned, both the Jews and the Greeks, and therefore we all fall short in many ways that would seem to make the outcome for us at best, quite bleak. But we are not the final judge, who then not only looks at our outside works, but sees what is in our hearts and minds too. We need to reflect on the fact that we cannot make it on our own. But we need not only the laws of God to recognize sin but also to recognize the grace of God, a gift that we do not deserve, then we have hope in that final verdict.

Lesson Questions:

  1. Describe how you would feel if you were on trial for committing a serious crime and knew that you were guilty? How is this any different than where we stand with God in our lives compared to our example – Jesus Christ?
  2. From Romans 3:1-2, what does Paul state were the spiritual advantages of being a Jew? What is the greatest advantage a Jew had? Romans 3:3.
  3. Why might some Jews have accused God of being unjust? Romans 3:3-8. How does Paul respond to these accusations?
  4. What warning is given to Paul’s false accusers? Romans 3:8.
  5. Do we today have any advantages over others that have been granted to us by God? If so, how have they helped you in your Christian walk?
  6. Paul charges both the Jew and Greek with what (Romans 3:9)? How is this charge supported in Romans 3:10-18?
  7. In Romans 3:13-18 Paul describes how the various parts of our bodies are involved in sin. What does that tell us concerning our carnal bodies and the battles we must fight to overcome all those parts?
  8. What three specific acts of misconduct are formally charged by Paul in Romans 3:15-17?
  9. What is the final verdict upon unredeemed mankind? Romans 3:19-20. What would be our hope if Romans 3 had ended with these verses? Wouldn’t God be just in taking wrath on us for all we have done that was opposed to Him? But isn’t it great that He is also merciful and gracious, and loves us in spite of what we do?