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Romans – Lesson 19: Fellowship and Love

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:9-21


Sometimes we feel that as Christians we are truly on our own, especially if our faith has drawn us away from our own family and friends. We truly need fellowship with like believers to help us to survive in this world full of trials and tribulations. That fellowship comes from our local church organization.

However, that local church may not treat us any different than our job, our neighbors, our society. It should be a place that we can go to and feel at home, where we can share our troubles, where we

Romans – Lesson 10: Our Inner Conflict with Sin

Scripture Reading: Romans 7:7-25


Paul talks about a real dichotomy in life from which we all suffer as Christians. We are tempted almost daily by things that we know are not right, but we don’t always make the right decisions. We know that we don’t need that extra piece of pie, but nevertheless, we may have it anyway. We may watch a movie that is overall very good but has parts in it that may be immoral, contain bad language or imply behavior that is totally inappropriate. We all know what is right from wrong but tend to see

Romans – Lesson 20: Submitting to Government

Scripture Reading: Romans 13:1-14


Civil authority today is oftentimes viewed as something oppressive and evil, not something that we should submit to and respect. Paul was a Roman citizen and used that citizenship for his benefit on a couple of occasions, causing fear in his jailers and avoiding trial by the Jewish leaders. In Romans 13 he speaks about civil authority as something God has ordained and controls, and therefore we should submit to it and show it proper respect.

But what if that authority is no longer based upon the principles of God, but instead upon evil and

Romans – Lesson 9: New Life, New Lifestyle

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:15 – Romans 7:6


What does it mean to us to assume a new lifestyle? Do we change houses, our jobs, our friends, our clothes, our plans? Is it just a matter of how we act in Church one day out of the week, or does it affect us every day? For most Christians, the change that comes from baptism is minimal. They may have to act a little nicer to their Christian brethren to reflect their new life in Christ, but for the most part, everything remains the same. The new lifestyle spoken of

Romans – Lesson 21: Self-Righteousness

Scripture Reading: Romans 14:1-12


In the late 1800s, robed choirs were considered worldly by some Christians. More recently bowling, reading novels and drinking coffee or tea have been severely condemned. Even chewing gum has come under attack.

The Bible contains many clear commands. But it is also silent or ambiguous about many moral issues. These “gray” areas have always been a source of dispute and conflict among Christians, even though the specific areas of dispute change from time to time. What principles should guide us when our actions are criticized by others or when we feel critical toward them?

Romans – Lesson 8: Dying to Live with Christ

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:1-14


It seems almost inconceivable to us the concept of dying and then being reborn during our lifetime here on earth. What is so wrong with our mortal bodies that we have to bury it in water? There are many things in life that we have obtained through sweat and tears, and now we are asked to give them up because they interfere with living with Christ. Until we are able to let go of these things, they will always be a stumbling block to our relationship to God. But we just don’t see the

Romans – Lesson 22: To Eat or Not to Eat

Scripture Reading: Romans 14:13-23


Our goal to be a part of the Kingdom of God is the believer’s concern, not pleasure. The Kingdom is not eating and drinking: that is, it is not concerned with external matters but with the heart. It is not a sin to abstain from food and drink and questionable practices, therefore, the believer must readily stay away from anything that will grieve or cause others to stumble. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, being and doing what is right, establishing and maintaining the highest possible good with God and man. We need to be

Romans – Lesson 7: Rejoicing in the Lord

Scripture Reading: Romans 5:1-21


Rejoicing in the Lord is something that we all wish that we did more of, but generally, reserve for special occasions. Mostly we are sometimes just too busy to stop and take the time to rejoice. Romans 5 gives us some very special reasons to rejoice in all that we do, to take the time to remember where joy really comes from and to make the effort even when we are suffering some trying times. It is amazing how quickly we can forget the feeling that rejoicing in the Lord provides for us. As we

Romans – Lesson 23: Unity, Hope, and Praise

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:1-13


You deserve the best. Look out for number one. Pamper yourself. These are the watchwords of our age. But in this chapter, Paul urges us to stop gazing at our own reflection. For the first time in Romans, he holds up the example of Christ, the one who embodies all the qualities God desires in us.

The way that Christ acted, the Christ who although He was strong yet for our sakes became weak, is the way that the strong must also act toward those whose own faith is weak. This chapter is devoted to

Romans – Lesson 6: Abraham and the Power of Faith

Scripture Reading: Romans 4:1-25


Hebrews 11 is often referred to as the faith chapter, using both definition and examples to define what faith is. Romans 4 states Abraham as an example of someone who used his faith, not his inheritance or circumcision, to accomplish much and obey God without question. We sometimes feel hopeless, facing situations that appear beyond hope. Our natural response during such times is often despair and even depression. Abraham knew what it meant to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. He could have felt hopeless, yet somehow found a renewed reason to hope. It was through the