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Romans – Lesson 8: Dying to Live with Christ

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:1-14


It seems almost inconceivable to us the concept of dying and then being reborn during our lifetime here on earth. What is so wrong with our mortal bodies that we have to bury it in water? There are many things in life that we have obtained through sweat and tears, and now we are asked to give them up because they interfere with living with Christ. Until we are able to let go of these things, they will always be a stumbling block to our relationship to God. But we just don’t see the harm, and in fact, think in our rational minds two distinct thoughts; there is always time and I can always be forgiven if need be. In order for us to truly live for Christ, we need to make a clean break from our past and live according to His wishes. No matter how old that man is, we need to become a new creature dedicated to obedience and love of Christ. Dying to live with Christ is a necessary and essential process.

Lesson Questions:

  1. When you became a Christian, was the change in your life dramatic, gradual, or imperceptible? If not dramatic, have you truly died, given up all those things of the past, or are you still holding on to something that you feel you still need?
  2. What is the significance of being baptized into Christ? Romans 6:3-5. Why would the baptism be considered both a funeral and a resurrection?
  3. What is the great benefit of being “crucified with Christ”? Romans 6:6-7. If sin was rendered powerless through being crucified, why do we still sin?
  4. What specific work of Christ gives believers assurance and confidence that they will live with Christ forever? Romans 6:8-10.
  5. When we realize that sin is no longer our master, how should our lives be different? Romans 6:12-14. Must we continue to resist sin after receiving Christ?
  6. What depth of commitment should a believer make to righteousness? Romans 6:13.
  7. What declaration does Paul make concerning sin’s dominion? Romans 6:14.