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Romans – Lesson 26: Review Summary – Chapters 9-16

Scripture Reading: Romans 9-16


Now that we have completed the remaining chapters of Romans, it is good to recall what we have discussed and see how it applies to our everyday lives. Paul has taken us from the Jews unbelief and misguided zeal to the future of Israel and its restoration. He then talks primarily to the Gentiles and shows them that they too can have a relationship with God and a home in the Kingdom of God. He talks about the pitfalls and the rewards and our attitude toward both the strong and the weak in Christ. Let us review in part what we already studied as the conclusion of this wonderful gospel.

Lesson Questions:

  1. Many Christians believe that every unfulfilled promise God made to Israel will be fulfilled to Israel. Others claim that all the promises to Israel are fulfilled in the church. What light does Romans 9-11 shed on this question?
  2. In Romans 12-16 Paul discusses several major areas in which our lives are to be living sacrifices to God. What are some of these areas?
  3. If we are to be effective servants of God, why is it important that we not think too much or too little of the gifts God has given us?
  4. Who are some of the people or institutions that have authority over you? What practical difference should it make that they have been appointed by God?
  5. Imagine that you are in a group of Christians who believe some morally neutral practice (say, drinking milk) is a sign of true spirituality. If you drink milk, you will be accepted. If you don’t, you risk being ostracized. What should be your response and why?
  6. What types of people in your church or fellowship group tend to be neglected by others? In what ways might you reach out to such people?
  7. In what ways does your church or fellowship group exhibit the qualities of a close-knit family?
  8. What can you do to strengthen your relationships with the members of your spiritual family?
  9. What is the most important thing you have learned from studying Romans 9-16? How will you be able to apply it to your lives?