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Romans – Lesson 13: Review Summary – Chapters 1-8

Scripture Reading: Romans 1-8


Reviews are something with which we should be very familiar, having suffered through many during our school days, at our workplace and even at Church on occasion. Now that we have gone through the first eight chapters of Romans, it is good to recall what we have discussed and see how it applies to our everyday lives. Paul has taken us from being condemned and worthy of God’s wrath, the gift of grace, the hope of faith, the frustration of having to deal with our carnal natures, and finally the hope that we have for our future. Before we begin the rest of Romans, let us review in part what we already studied as a foundation for the rest of Romans.

 Lesson Questions:

  1. List some reasons which cause people, especially Christian people, today to be ashamed to preach or even talk about the gospel.
  2. Which of these reasons do you personally have difficulty in “overcoming?”
  3. How can Paul’s discussions in Romans 1-8 make it easier for you to not be ashamed of the gospel, even to the point of making you eager to preach or talk about the gospel?
  4. If you were to present the gospel to someone using Romans 1-5 as your reference, what would be the most important points of Paul’s message that you would use to convince someone about the good news?
  5. If you are witnessing to a fellow Christian who is suffering from a sinful habit that they have been unable to break, what could you use from Romans 6-8 that would be a help to them in their struggle? Consider both the struggle and the solution.
  6. Based upon what you have studied so far in Romans, list some reasons given by Paul why we can expect suffering to be a normal part of our Christian walk.
  7. What reasons are given for Christians to be rejoicing both in the present and future times? What effect, if any, should tribulation have on our rejoicing in the Lord?
  8. In Romans 1:16 Paul refers to the gospel as “the power of God.” Now that you have studied Romans 1-8 how is that power more evident to you? Give any specific incident in the last quarter that shows to you the power of the gospel.
  9. What has been the highlight to date of your studies of Romans? What have you learned that you didn’t know before? What has been most useful in helping you in your everyday life?