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Romans – Lesson 1: Paul’s Motivation

Scripture Reading: Romans 1:1-17


Paul’s introduction to this gospel begins with all the good news he wants to impute to the Romans. The good news about Jesus Christ, the promise, the provision, the purpose, and the privileges associated with the good news. How do we react to good news? Don’t we want to shout it to our friends, our loved ones, even to the world? It is just too hard to keep it to ourselves.

What motivates Paul to write this gospel? It is not only the good news that he has, but also the motivation that comes from spiritual gift-giving, from an obligation of debt to both the Greeks and other outsiders, and from the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul’s goal was to preach in Rome soon, but many other things would happen before Paul would preach in Rome. So first went the letter to the Church in Rome to which he had as yet never been.

Lesson Questions:

  1. What do we want to do with good news when we hear it? Why don’t we always treat the good news of the gospel the same way?
  2. What do we learn about Paul as a person from Romans 1:1, 5? How would you describe him to someone else based upon these two verses?
  3. From Romans 1:1-5 what do we learn from Paul about what the gospel is all about and why it is so important? What provision is made to each of us through the gospel?
  4. What three privileges of the good news are given by Paul in Romans 1:7?
  5. What was Paul’s attitude toward the Romans based upon what he wrote in Romans 1:8-13? Why do you think Paul was so motivated to come to Rome? What was the double benefit of Paul going to them?
  6. How eager and prepared was Paul to preach in Rome based upon Romans 1:14? What opportunities do we have to preach the same gospel? Who would be your chosen audience?
  7. Based upon your answers to the above question, what would be your approach to reach out to this chosen audience whenever the opportunity would present itself?
  8. In Romans 1:15-16, Paul states that we can either be eager to preach the gospel or be ashamed of it. What has happened in our lives in the past that may have caused us to be ashamed? What event caused us to be eager to preach the gospel? Why is our attitude not always eager?
  9. Romans 1:17 talks about the righteousness of God. How is the righteousness of God through the gospel revealed to us? Is it passed from one faithful person to another, or does it come from above, or from all the above? How do we know where it came from?