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Romans – Lesson 24: Paul’s Ministry

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:14-33


Even though Paul worked with many individuals, his primary focus was to weld them into one body, the church, a new society on earth. His goal was to establish local churches that worked in harmony with its members as well as other local churches. They were all to have a unified goal of following Christ and serving each other.

As mentioned before, the local church was compared to a body with many individual parts, with each part essential to the overall performance of the body. No part was more important than any other, and all the body suffered when any individual part was not functioning properly. Paul wanted each member to look after the needs of the other members, instead of concentrating on himself and his own importance.

Paul also concentrated on completing his work before moving on, even though he had several churches that needed him. He did not run away from the several problems that he encountered and did not use the excuse that he was badly needed elsewhere (which was often the case). Even though he suffered several personal attacks and violent oppositions, he remained until the jobs were done. Too many ministers today flee instead of facing the problems and meeting the needs of God’s people.

On the other hand, Paul kept his world-wide vision even in the face of his pressing needs of the local believers. He intended to evangelize Rome and Spain, and he would not let the desperate plight of the present needs–desperate as they were–deter his worldwide vision. Paul’s primary mission in life was for Christ to be praised, worshipped and served, by all men.

Lesson Questions:

  1. What three commendable qualities of the Roman congregation does Paul mention? Romans 15:14.
  2. What was Paul’s primary ministry toward men and God? Romans 15:16.
  3. Was Paul justifiably proud of the results that Christ achieved through his ministry? Romans 15:17.
  4. How important was it that Paul’s preaching was accompanied by divine miracles and the Holy Spirit’s power? Romans 15:19.
  5. What does Paul write that indicates he had completed his ministry in that particular local region? Romans 15:22-23.
  6. What are Paul’s immediate and future plans? Romans 15:23-33. What do these teach us about relationships, and why?
  7. In what condition did Paul purpose to come to the Romans? Romans 15:28-29.
  8. What specific prayer requests did Paul share with the Romans? Romans 15:31-32.
  9. What short but forceful request does Paul make for the Roman congregation? Romans 15:33.