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The authorship of this epistle has been challenged by critics. Modem critics say it’s a work of the second century by some unknown person. It seems the epistle states some helpful facts to identify its writer.

  • The name of Simon Peter is in the introduction (1:1).
  • The writer is also an apostle (1:1).
  • The writer has written an earlier epistle (3:1).
  • The writer knew the Apostle Paul (3:15-16).
  • Was at the mount of transfiguration (1:16-18).
  • It foretells of Peter’s death (1:13-15).

With this evidence and for the purpose of this study we will acknowledge Peter as the author.

Date and Place Written:

This epistle was written shortly before Peter’s death, around A.D. 67. It is thought it was written on the way to or at Rome.

Destination of Epistle:

To the churches in Asia Minor; however, the intent and distribution may have been more widespread than I Peter.

Occasion for Writing:

The theme of II Peter is knowledge. It seems to have a two-fold purpose. The first being a stem warning. The second being exhortation and encouragement. The growth of the church brought in some who were espousing false doctrine. The world also was pushing against God’s truth. The focal point of the epistle is to resist error and grow in knowledge.