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Strengthening Your Walk – Lesson 10: Connecting with God’s Family

Scripture Text: 1 John 1:3-7

Memory Verse: “So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.” Romans 12:5

Lesson Aim: To explain why we need to be connected to God’s family.

Everybody needs somebody. Several years ago, our church conducted a “40 Days of Community” campaign. We learned that we are “better together.” Whether it is in worship, outreach, serving or growing, it is better when we do it together. No one is intended to live life alone. We were created to be a part of a community. We need each other.

As newborn babies, we are dependent. Someone has to take care of us, feed us, protect us (even from ourselves) and nurture us. We eventually grow enough to become more independent. We are able to take care of ourselves, feed and fend for ourselves. Ultimately, we want to be interdependent, reflecting the need each of us has for each other and meeting one another’s needs. This is true in the natural as well as the spiritual. There is strength in true community. Community is God’s answer to loneliness, fatigue, defeat, despair and fear. Let’s look at five reasons we need to be a part of a church community.

  • We need others to walk with us. The spiritual life is a walk. We should always be moving toward the Kingdom. We are to walk in the light, walk by faith, walk in love, walking in obedience, walk in wisdom. God did not intend for you to walk this walk alone. You may prefer to walk alone, but when you walk through life with other people, it is safer. Isolation brings death. Walking with others is supportive and it’s smarter. You learn more and faster when you go through life with other people close to you. Community is God’s answer to loneliness.
  • We need others to work with us. You were put here to work (Ephesians 2:10). Your good works are your ministry. Anytime you use the talents and gifts God has given you to help other people, that’s called ministry or service. However, you were not put here to do it all by yourself. You get more done and enjoy it better when you work together with someone else (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Community is God’s answer to fatigue.
  • We need others to watch out for us. We need people to defend, stand up and warn us. In the same way, that some places have a “Neighborhood Watch”, so it is in the community faith. We are under attack. Many people are defeated because they try to fight their flesh and the devil on their own—habits that they cannot seem to break, hurts they cannot forgive, hang-ups that they can’t hang up, closets that they won’t clean up, problems, circumstances, situations and bad relationships that mess up their lives. They go into battle alone and naked – no people and no armor. Who is watching your back? Community is God’s answer to defeat.
  • We need others to weep and wait for us. There are inevitable crises of life. We need people in our lives when we get bad news. We were not meant to face life’s crises alone. Community is God’s answer to despair.
  • We need others to witness with us. One of the best ways to witness to people who do not know the love of Jesus is by our love one to another (John 13:35). It’s not the buildings, music and programs, but our love for others that matters. Perfect love casts out fear and there is great power in group witness. Each of us has a life message. Is anybody going to be in the Kingdom because of you? Community is God’s answer to fear.

Interact with God’s Word:

  1. Why do you think the writer of Hebrews instructed the believers as he did in Hebrews 10:24-25?
  2. How does Colossians 2:6-7 connect with the concept of walking together?
  3. How does Ecclesiastes 4:9-11 address God’s answer to loneliness?
  4. How does Paul admonish the saints in the context of being there to weep and wait for each other? 1 Peter 3:8; Romans 12:15; 1 Thessalonians 5:11; 1 Corinthians 12:26
  5. What has been your experience when witnessing? Has it been easier when done together with someone else? Philippians 1:27