Ken Walker is our Ministry Coordinator for the General Council.

Experienced in the Ministry for the Church of God in America and overseas. Further interests are in prophecy, history and current events as it relates to prophecy and the 2nd coming of Christ, Church growth and Church cooperation.

My goal for the Ministers and the Council as a whole is the same as that of Frank M. Walker who was one of the early Ministers that worked so hard to help the Council to grow and go forward. As individuals and as an organization we need to all understand the following words by Elder Frank M. Walker and do our best to put them into practice.

“Bible truth has no denominational walls, therefore our concern is to promote Bible truth and to seek the cooperation of all those who agree with us on basic truths so that we may better reach all honest people who are seeking to know God’s will. Since there is much apostasy, old and new, from God’s Law and the Gospel of Jesus Christ; our central burden is to present, with the prophetic messages, Bible lessons exposing errors and giving Bible truth on these matters. Our central objective is to warn everyone that we’re facing Armageddon and Jesus second coming. We are to try to call the people out of human traditions and back to full obedience to the Gospel of Christ.”

If you are interested in these and/ or other related subjects, please feel free to contact our Ministry Coordinator at 208-888-3380 or at  We are here, striving to make a difference.