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Marriage: Foundations & Principles Study


We want to be salt and light in all areas of our lives. We want to hold to the standards that the Bible teaches. In the area of marriage, a Christian perspective can make us shine like a city set on a hill.

Unfortunately, the statistics are showing very little difference between marriages by believing Christians and unbelievers. We have all heard sad stories in our communities where sincere Christians leave their spouses. How does a marriage fail? It usually is not from an individual catastrophic event, like a sudden flood. It is not by planning for the marriage to fail. Marriages fail when the trickle of water flows and the erosion continues, unchecked. To weather the years, we need a healthy dose of skepticism about ourselves and our intentions. It requires close attention to our attitudes, thoughts and actions in the most routine areas of life.

There is much confusion about marriage today in our society but marriage is God’s idea. We have to train ourselves to know and understand the difference between man’s view and God’s view of love and marriage. This quarterly examines the biblical view, God’s view, of the husband and wife’s roles in marriage.

Before we even start talking about marriage from the Christian perspective, we must first examine our relationship to God. A Christian marriage begins with each partner having a relationship with God. Marriage is not like a straight line that connects husband and wife. It is instead an equilateral triangle whose lines connect husband and wife with God and, under God, connect one with the other. Both partners need that vital relationship with God. If one of the partners is an unbeliever and does not walk and talk and look at things from a God-centered perspective, then the relationship will be built on a wrong foundation. The relationship will look like a line…the peak of the triangle will be missing.

Do you believe that God created the universe and that he sent his son to bear our sins so that we might live and have eternal life (John 3:16)? Does your partner believe the same? That needs to be the first step. Once that foundation is established, with both partners believing in God for their salvation, then we look at God’s plan for marriage. Then we build our marriage partnership after God’s plan for marriage. Marriage is not man’s idea. The Bible, God’s holy word, describes the origin of marriage. From it, we begin to understand the purposes of marriage.

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