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6 Things God Hates & The Seven-fold Armor of God – Lesson 9: The Shoes of the Gospel

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” –Romans 5:1

Scripture Reading: Romans 10:6-17


As a good shoe is important to many things, as in sports, farming, logging, hiking etc., so it was to the ancient warrior. “The protection of the feet and ankles consisted of two parts: 1) the sandals, or shoes, which often were fitted with nails or armed with spikes to make them hold firm in the ground; or 2) with greaves that were fitted to the legs…”(Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan, p. 1013).

But the Apostle Paul is talking about being prepared with the gospel of Peace. “The word rendered “preparation” …means: properly, readiness, fitness for alacrity; and the idea,… that they were to be ever ready to go forth to preach the gospel… The apostle figured to himself a soldier, clad in the usual manner. Christians were to resemble him. One part of his dress or preparation consisted in the covering and defense of the foot. It was to preserve the foot from danger, and to secure the facility of his march, and perhaps to make him firm in battle. Christians were to have the principles of the gospel of peace—the peaceful and pure gospel—to facilitate them; to aid them in their marches; to make them firm in the day of conflict with their foes. They were not to be furnished with carnal weapons, but with the peaceful gospel of the Redeemer; and sustained by this, they were to go on in their march through the world. The principles of the gospel were to do for them what the greaves and iron-spiked sandals did for the soldier—to make them ready for the march, to make them firm in the foot tread, and to be a part of their defenses against the foes” (Ibid, p. 1013-1014). It does no good to be a completely outfitted Christian soldier and not be able to carry the gospel because our feet can’t take it or we lack the desire or readiness to minister in Christ’s name.

Lesson Questions

  1. How did Jesus make preparation for the gospel to spread? Ephesians 2:12-22; Colossians 1:16-20. What peace is this?
  2. How do we gain this peace? Romans 5:1-2.
  3. Where do we get our peace and what encouragement is given? John 14:27. Why is this peace important? John 16:33.
  4. What command is given to believers in Christ? Matthew 28:19-20.
  5. How is this often done and why is it important? Romans 10:13-18.
  6. What do you think is indicated in John 7:37-38?
  7. What are the mixed feelings concerning preaching? I Corinthians 1:17-21.
  8. What is important to remember concerning the preacher? I Thessalonians 2;4; Titus 1:3.
  9. Although not a preacher, what was Philemon noted for? Philemon 4-6. What does “communication” mean here?
  10. Discuss the admonition given in the following verses. Philippians 4:7; Colossians 3:15 and Hebrews 12:14-15.

Life Application

Would you walk barefoot through a thorn patch? Unlikely. Nor was the Christian ever intended to walk barefoot through the spiritual “thorny ground” of the world. The shoes of Christ’s peace provide protection for us—but they do something else that is much more important: They are specially designed for us to do the work of the gospel. We wouldn’t wear spiked golf shoes to walk the dog down the sidewalk, nor dress shoes to go out and chop firewood. Christ designed our spiritual shoes so that we would use them for the right reason—to be prepared with the gospel that saves men’s souls. Who was it that said, “The shoes make the man!”?