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Bible Studies on Marriage: Foundations & Principles

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 1: What Is Marriage?

Scripture Verse: Genesis 2:18-25.


In its perfect and purest form, marriage is the uniting of two souls into one; it’s two people becoming together what they can never be alone. This unity is a miraculous, spiritual experience beginning with the words “I do” and ending with the death of a husband or wife. Nothing exists on earth comparable to the beauty and joy of marriage. But adjectives describing the benefits and results of marriage do not provide an adequate definition,

Clearly and simply defined, marriage is a covenant of companionship. In marriage, two people covenant with God and

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 2: Driven by Purpose

Scripture Verse: Proverbs 29:18.


They sit across from each other at the dinner table night after night, wondering what life is all about. He doesn’t know why the marriage has become dull and lifeless; she doesn’t know why he’s reluctant to spend time with her. Frustration builds and, after months of agony, he asks finally asks the question: “What is our marriage all about? Where are we going and how do we know if we’ve arrived?

Every marriage needs purpose. Without it, husbands and wives drift aimlessly in a sea of confusion and frustration. Yet, the solution isn’t

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 3: The Role of the Husband

Scripture Verse: Ephesians 5:23; I Peter 3:7.


Have you ever worked for a company that didn’t define your role as an employee? Confusion and disappointment were most likely every-day occurrences because you didn’t know what you were supposed to do. Believe it or not, the same confusion and frustration is present in many marriages because husbands and wives don’t know their job definition. Successful performance is hindered by ignorance. Therefore, it’s important to specifically define the role of both the husband and wife.

The husband’s role encompasses a variety of things but narrowed to concrete tangibles, he is

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 4: The Responsibility of the Husband

Scripture Verse: Ephesians 5:25-28.


What specific responsibilities does the role of loving leader carry? To begin, a husband is commanded to know his wife. Since Christ is the husband’s model, a husband should endeavor to know his wife as Christ knows the Church; his heart and soul should be poured into the enormous task of intimately understanding and ministering to his wife. A second responsibility of a husband is to nourish and cherish his wife. In his arms, she should find loving acceptance, encouraging words, and personal ministry. Time spent with him should be a haven of security,

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 5: The Need of the Husband

Scripture Verse: Proverbs 31:11-12.


A husband has certain roles and responsibilities, but he also has specific, unique needs. Leading a family according to God’s will in the war zone of today‚Äôs society is no small task. Standing for righteousness and purity beckons a flurry of criticism and rejection. To withstand the fiery darts of the world and Satan, a husband needs his wife’s support, encouragement, and trust.

Family life grants us the opportunity to know others in an undisguised way. Virtually every wife in the world could reveal her husband’s weaknesses, failures, and inconsistencies. Within these things, though,

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 6: The Role of the Wife

Scripture Verse: Genesis 2:18.


The confusion surrounding a husband’s role is equaled, if not surpassed, by the confusion surrounding a wife’s role. In an age struggling with the concept of a biblical family, understanding a wife’s role is not an easy task. The “Barefoot-and-pregnant-slave-of-the-husband- babysitter” definition offers no more than bad theology and unreasonable expectations. On the other hand, the “I-am- woman-do-it -all- corporate-executive-who-needs-men” attitude isn’t a viable alternative either. Women need a sound, theologically correct definition of what it means to be a woman and wife.

Wives have two foundational roles – completer and companion. Genesis 2:18 says,

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 7: The Responsibility of the Wife

Scripture Verse: Ephesians 5:22-24.


A wife’s role is a completer and companion but how is this lived out in a practical way? What does she do to fulfill this calling? Excluding her ministry to the Lord, a wife’s primary ministry is to her husband. In successfully ministering to her husband, she becomes the completer and companion he needs. While not popular nor easy, this ministry can be summed up in the word “submit.”

Misunderstanding surrounds submission. Many people think submission applies only to wives; or that the wife becomes a slave to her husband; or that she’s to

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 8: The Need of the Wife

Scripture Verse: I Peter 3:7.


Husbands are given an interesting command in I Peter 3:7:

“Dwell with them according to knowledge.” In essence, Peter is telling husbands that they can understand their wives. To many men, this might sound like an impossible challenge. Yet, the fact that husbands are commanded to understand their wives means they can. So, what does a wife need?

First and foremost, a wife needs to be loved. More than anything else, husbands are told to love their wives. This indicates not only a struggle on the husband’s part but a need on the wife’s.

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 9: Biblical Communication

Scripture Verse: Ephesians 4:29.


Outside of a commitment to Jesus Christ, there is nothing more crucial to the life of a marriage than communication. Money, children, intimacy, spiritual growth, sexuality, and unity all depend on the lifeblood of communication. By the words we speak, we can bring life or we can bring death; we can encourage or discourage; we can build up or tear down; we can promote unity or we can ensure division. This is especially true in marriage.

In considering communication, every husband and wife needs to examine their motivation and heart attitude. In Matthew 12:35-37,

Marriage: Foundations & Principles – Lesson 10: The Sexual Union

Scripture Verse: I Corinthians 7:3-4.


Differing views regarding sex have confronted Christians, especially in recent years. Some say sex is simply for procreation; others say it’s for pleasure; others say it’s a primitive instinct that can’t be helped. As Christians, we should be concerned with God’s view of sex, and how His view affects our lives. We need to first realize that sex, in the context of marriage, is good. Since the time of Christ, Christians have had to deal with the lie that sex is bad because it appeals to our physical desires. In I Corinthians 7:3-5,