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As Your Soul Prospers


The life of a believer is to be progressive. We start as new babes in Christ, but as we grow and learn, we are to become mature and stable in our walk with Christ. The theme of this series, “As Your Soul Prospers,” is taken from 3 John 2. The elder makes the connection between prosperity, health, and one’s soul. This series addresses prospering in the spiritual, financial, health, and relational contexts. As we grow, let us grasp the promises of God so that we can experience the balanced and full realm of prosperity.

Pastor Jon

This study can be done as a stand-alone or preceded by the adult study “Strengthening Your Walk.” 

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As Your Soul Prospers – Teacher’s Guide 
As Your Soul Prospers
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As Your Soul Prospers Full Page Teacher’s Guide Digital Studies
As Your Soul Prospers Full Page Digital Studies
Click on the student lessons below:
Lesson 1: As Your Soul Prospers
Lesson 2: Prospering Spiritually
Lesson 3: Financial Prosperity/Divine Provision
Lesson 4: Giving God’s Way
Lesson 5: Becoming Debt Free
Lesson 6: Staying Financially Healthy
Lesson 7: Divine Health
Lesson 8: Receiving Healing
Lesson 9: Recovery from Abuse
Lesson 10: Recovery from Addiction
Lesson 11: Relational Health
Lesson 12: Managing Anger and Hurt
Lesson 13: Managing Offense
Endnotes and Recommended Resources

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