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Abiding In God


What is the result when man resists God’s plan and follows a plan of his own? We want to study some basic insights on knowing God’s will for our lives. No one lesson will hold the key to knowing God’s will, but instead, our goal is to glean pieces to this complex puzzle. I encourage you to study each lesson with prayer and meditation and as we put the puzzle together you will gain a greater understanding of God’s plan for your life.

You will find a page of Acknowledgments at the back of this study; the listed books were very helpful in the preparation of these studies. The direct quotes are on a numeric notation referral, the first number you see inside the parentheses’ is which book is being referred to, and then the page number is, of course, the direct page number that quote is taken from.
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Click on the lessons below:
Lesson 1: Resisting God’s Plan
Lesson 2: In God We Trust
Lesson 3: Sovereign Power to Work the Plan
Lesson 4: Designed by God
Lesson 5: The Turning Point
Lesson 6: Lord of My Life
Lesson 7: The Perfect Team
Lesson 8: Getting in and Staying in Spiritual Shape
Lesson 9: Trials, Suffering, and Growing Pains
Lesson 10: The Calling of Service
Lesson 11: Discovering God’s Will
Lesson 12: Doing God’s Will
Lesson 13: Looking Down the Road